Web Design & Creative

The internet has become a source of information for potential clients/customers of all ages. At Savvy Cats we believe that every business should have some type of web presence and that it should be customized to your needs. We can develop a simple four page information based website or a Flash site with shopping cart capabilities.
Our goal is to develop a custom site that meets your business goals.
Not sure what to put on your website?
That’s ok.

We will help you plan out the type of content that should be on your site.

  • Content Strategy
    Websites are moving more into the direction of being driven by quality content and not flashy graphics. Before we begin any web development project we discuss with the client their use of the site, who their competitors are, what areas will be interactive and updated frequently, who their target market is, and what they want their site to accomplish for their business. We map out the website and create various content pockets that will help them meet their site goals.
  • Design & Development
    Creating a site design that is clean and organizes the content in an intuitive manner is our primary focus. We believe that graphics and design elements should enhance the user experience and not detract from the message you are trying to relay. Our development team uses various programming languages to provide different types of functionality. Examples of these additions include database generation forms, flash components, google search or map integration and content management systems.
  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing is a cost effective way to reach your customers. We can work with you to integrate your newsletter sign up into your existing website and use various social media networks to generate additional newsletter recipients. We will design and distribute every newsletter or we can simply setup the initial databases and create a template you can send out yourself.
    Have a special event or promotion coming up? No need to do a full newsletter you can do an email blast that relays a single message with a strong call to action. This will keep your recipients attention focused on what is more important to you and direct them to take action.
  • Social Media Marketing
    With social media sites growing exponential each day it is important that you have some type of presences through personal networking on sites like Linked In or through creations of fan groups with sites like Facebook. Not sure where to start or what to do with sites like Twitter? We can help guide you in making decisions about which sites will benefit your company and the best way to use them. We can also integrate these sites into your existing marketing materials and plans.