Website Support & Maintenance

Website SupportAlready have a website? Is your existing website out of date?

We work with our clients to ensure the project is successful in all phases. We provide recommendations and suggestions about the look and feel of the design including: site usability, search engine friendly design, contents, and ease of site navigation.
We can also provide you with a variety of ways to update your existing site with simple updates such as copy changes and new images. Or we can add Web 2.0 capabilities such as the addition of a blog or links to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Remember … the main goal when developing a web site design is centered on usability, user experience, and to avoid misleading information and spam at all cost. Your website is another means to reach your customers, its just as important as your brochures and other printed material that you use, and most times its your first impression to your customers!

Our team works on delivering a custom designed website as opposed to quickly use a template and just update the name.  There is nothing wrong with starting from a template, but by the time we are done with the site it should look unique and should reflect your vision, style and is indeed unique by all means.  Savvy Cats Design (SCD) is a full-service web design company. We help our clients develop power web sites with rich contents. SCD focuses on developing custom web solutions for all types of businesses and we design both static sites and database driven sites, and Ecommerce sites.

Interested in a re-design or just need a site facelift? Contact us for a free quote and consultation.